"Life means to be living. Problems will

awlays be there. When they arise 

navigate through them with yoga"- 

B.K.S Iyengar



Lunctime Yoga

Has been great with Nadia.Every week we've focussed on something new and different and been challenged to learn a little more.

Would definitely recommend.

Mitchell Bellach July 25, 2016

Corporate yoga – The best solution for your company

Corporate yoga is already popular offering in the business world. Companies invest in their people’s health, happiness and wellbeing, understanding that the work environment is one of the leading source of stress. And the human resource is the most valuable capital of every organization.

Corporate yoga will increase the profitability of your company by decreasing the healthcare cost and increasing your employees productivity. As yoga provides stress release, improved fitness, mental clarity and focus, increased creativity and protection of future injuries like lower back pain.

Now days it's not only big companies like Google or Twitter that offer yoga at the work place. All different size businesses  across the world held a yoga classes for their employees

Now it’s your turn.


£60 for 45 min yoga class

£70 for 60 min yoga class