"Life means to be living. Problems will

awlays be there. When they arise 

navigate through them with yoga"- 

B.K.S Iyengar


Yoga is a practise of quieting the mind - Patanjali


Do your best.

Posted on 8 June, 2015 at 4:50


Today was just one of those days when there was a lot of going on and all was not less important than the other. The same thing refers to my daily yoga practice. Very rear I was to steal time from yoga practice to invest in something else. But today my time was squeeze even double than usual. So nothing new in the Big Smoke, at least I don’t have 2 kids and a husband (I bow down to this women). Then the Royal Court in my head (not the one in Chancery Lane) came to trial. I was for “forget about everything else and let’s do my yoga” but the other guys in my head were very good at defending the opposite. They were for: “I needed to cut down my practice and prepare the meal, as I was to be out of the house all day, so it was vital to have a healthy meal with me”. And of course they had right, it wasn’t very yogic to do my yoga and then eat a random food from I don’t know where. I nod disappointed in agreement, curled my tail under and went to prepare the meal.

And then hit me, an inspiration, a light in the dark tunnel of not doing yoga - I have 30 min but I will make the best practice of it. I finished with everything and I traveled to that very sacred place- the top of my yoga mat. I was staying in Tadasana, rooting down through my feet, and I was making that connection with Earth. I had place my hands in Namaste and honestly dedicated myself to the practice. And it was just magical, how I floated through the asanas, experiencing even the seconds. This made me think how important is to give our best not only in Yoga, but in all we are doing. Life nowadays is faster than space ship, and very often we are fighting with the Time. A useful weapon is to focused and give your best. After all in each moment we can’t do better than our best. Don’t we ?




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