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From moving society to sitting society

Posted on 18 June, 2019 at 10:40

“From moving society to sitting society”

Have you ever tried to calculate how much you sit on daily basis. Sitting on the train, going for more sitting at work, then going home to sit and have dinner and then again sitting down to read a book or to watch a movie. Is one long array of prolonged sitting. No wonder people as young as 25-30 are already complaining from back problems.

If we trace back our roots thousand years ago is quite the opposite. From the moment our ancestors wake up to the moment they go to sleep was constant movement. To find a water they need to move, to find food they need to move, to find shelter they need to move, and goes on and on. And array of movement. Interesting isn’t ? From array of movement human beings moved to array of prolonged sitting. The more interesting, however is that our body don’t seem to grasp the idea and evolved, to adjust to that as with most things. Or said it more bold- our world change tremendously and as much as our bodies had evolved during the time, on moving section we are still “designed” the same.

Which leave us with the only option to invest time every day for healthy movement. And when not everyone has the perfect one or more hours, finding even 10 min a day will make the significant difference.

Let’s think about it now - out of 24 hours, say 14-16 are active hours, how much time is actually 10 mins? It’s seems quite achievable, and yet so many people failed to add it to their daily routine. Few of the things to get you started is start straight away, next morning planned in your day as a must( as you are sure you are going to have dinner). And then eventually you can increase it. And you if can’t have even 10 mins do 2 mins, without judgement.

You might be wondering what you can do for 2 or 10 mins. There is so many things that could be done, two of the easiest are chair yoga and walking. Walking instead of purely sitting again at your lunch break you can walk around outside your office or near park and leave 30min to get and have your food. After or before work instead of going to the closest station, try get off earlier and walk the rest to your office.

Chair yoga is exactly as it sounds, yoga on the chair ( some of the things could be done around the chair). Let’s say you are one hour in work, stop for 2 min and stretch your back with cat and cow and find release with twits. Then second hour get off your chair and do standing hip rotations, sit back to practise sitting pigeon on both sides. Third hour you neck might be calling is time for neck stretches and upper body release.

All of this could be spread in bits during the day or one session. No matter if you are working from home or go to actual office you will benefit from adding healthy movements. As a yoga teacher my body move a lot, however I have my moments too when I have to sit down and do admin, if it’s all day I applied exactly the same strategic, as once your body starts getting its daily dose of movement, will naturally ask for it.

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