"Life means to be living. Problems will

awlays be there. When they arise 

navigate through them with yoga"- 

B.K.S Iyengar



Change your life. Start yoga today!

One-to-one or small group yoga lessons at your home or workplace. These personalised classes cover all levels from yoga, from the more dynamic and flowing to the more static  and restorative practise together with pre and Postnatal yoga.

Either you are beginner, advanced student, or you want to indulge only in pranayama, meditation, relaxation you will benefit from the private yoga session.

Convenience: Schedule the class at your preferred time, so it will fit around your other commitments.

Time saver: As busy as life is in London, you could basically finish the business call/ fold the laundry and in 5 min to start your class.

You are the creator: Tell the teacher (me) what are your goals and so we could work on specific aspect/aspects.

Yoga therapy: Private classes could be used as therapy for student’s injuries or medical conditions (for example if you experience back or neck pain).

Small group classes

Practise with your partner or friends of the comfort of your home. The small group classes are perfect way to share your practise with your love ones and spend more quality time together. As busy as London is very often we don't have enough time to spend with our friends. Choosing to share your practise with your friends will help you to socialise while exercise your mind and body.
The size of the class shouldn't exceed more than 5 people. 


£ 75 for 60 min class