"Life means to be living. Problems will

awlays be there. When they arise 

navigate through them with yoga"- 

B.K.S Iyengar



Leading yoga, meditation, reiki and life coach Nadezhda Bocheva and her wonderful team from Nadiayoga is offering corporate yoga classes in London. Nadiayoga is organising and hosting international Yoga retreats in Spain, Greece and Thailand as well as local weekend mini Yoga retreats. Other services include mindfulness, guided meditations and yoga Nidra, Pre and Postnatal yoga, corporate mindfulness workshops.

Relax and Chill out Mini Yoga Retreat
Come and spend with us truly nourishing afternoon at the Yoga Nest.

A mini yoga retreat where you will indulge with fellow yoga students in Special Yang and Yin Yoga flow, Pranayma (breathing exercises) and Yoga Nidra practise ( the ultimate relaxation practice). You should expect to leave the studio feeling grounded, rejuvenated and completely relaxed.

Mini retreat schedule:

1pm-1.15pm Yang and Yin balancing flow

1.15-1.30pm Pranayma Suray Bhedana and Nadi Shodana

1.30 Yoga Nidra practise

No need to bring your own yoga mat. All levels are welcomed.


Suturday 10 November 2018  15.:30 – 17:30

LOCATION     The The Yoga Nest, 27 Old Ford R dLondon  E2 9PJ


Have you thought about Yoga Nidra in the office? 

Oscar Gaunt

Great Yoga Nidra sessions and yoga for the office. fully recommended.

Tony Cundy
Nadia is our corporate instructor for a group of between 5 and 15 employees. We absolutely love her, she is a great instructor, giving people at different levels different poses, and she is really funny and lovely lady.
Expect to leave the class relaxed, recharged and calm.


The retreat in Andalusia is such a calm, relaxing & beautiful place in the Spanish mountains. Amazing views all round, surrounded by avocado, Lemon, Olives & many other fruits trees.

Nadia held classes at sunrise  & sunset on the terrace & the only sound you could  hear was  the bird song.

There is also surreal & cool  indoor Yoga studio with all the mats & equipment.

We ate tasty/nutritional home cooked  vegetarian meals. Water is collected from the natural stream that runs through the mountains.

A place you will want to visit again & again.

I have been twice, hope to go next year too